Mini World Vasectomy Day event in Haiti


For 2018, World Vasectomy Day made a commitment to continue our expansion from a single day event to a series of activities to take place3 throughout the year. We know that as our ultimate dream Is to become a community of conscientious men, of committed doctors, caring families, committed FP leaders and creative storytellers, media activists and artists from throughout the world, we have our work cut out and one day a year won’t do the trick!

In this spirit, from January – March, working hand in hand with our partners at Profamil in Haiti and with the support of FP2020, World Vasectomy Day helped organize a series of 7 activities. The overall objective was to move towards a sustainable and viable vasectomy program there. As in so many other countries the general attitude when we started was, ‘Haitian men will get a vasectomy’. While, there are always going to be those who are in opposition, the fact is there are many Haitian men prepared and committed to doing right by their loved ones.


Día Mundial de la Vasectomía (World Vasectomy Day!)


Dear Friends,

We have survived the earthquake, and seen our colleagues here rally to help their countrymen, as we have tried to do the same. It’s only now that the organizations that have committed to WVD have been able to turn their attention back to our celebration, and we have seen them do all the things they originally promised, in order to keep World Vasectomy Day alive for their country, their states, and the families who will benefit from it.

Mexico, which celebrated its first World Vasectomy Day last year, richly deserves to be this year’s headquarters. Last year, with all states particpating, and supported by state and national governments, they successfully publicized and educated people during their campaign, resulting in 2,599 men receiving their vasectomies in honor of World Vasectomy Day.

Mexico is enthusiastically committed to making sure vasectomy services are available for all of its people, and to expanding these services this year, under the auspices of World Vasectomy Day.

With the support of the government, the clinics, the doctors, health care workers and non-governmental agencies there, we have already been overwhelmed with the enthusiasm, ideas and suppport with which we have been presented since proposing the change.

Queridos Amigos,

Hemos sobrevivido al terremoto, y hemos visto a nuestros colegas reunirse para ayudar a sus compatriotas, ya que hemos tratado de hacer lo mismo. Es sólo ahora que las organizaciones que se han comprometido a WVD han podido volver su atención a nuestra celebración, y los hemos visto hacer todas las cosas que originalmente prometieron, con el fin de mantener vivo el Día Mundial de Vasectomía para su país, sus estados , y las familias que se beneficiarán de ella.

México, que celebró su primer Día Mundial de Vasectomía el año pasado, ricamente merece este honor. El año pasado, con todos los estados participando y apoyados por los gobiernos estatales y nacionales, con éxito publicitaron y educaron a la gente durante su campaña, resultando en 2.599 hombres que recibieron sus vasectomías en honor del Día Mundial de Vasectomía.

México se compromete con entusiasmo a asegurarse de que los servicios de vasectomía estén disponibles para todas sus personas, y para ampliar estos servicios este año, bajo los auspicios del Día Mundial de la Vasectomía.

Con el apoyo del gobierno, de las clínicas, de los médicos, de los personal de salud y de las agencias no gubernamentales, ya hemos sido abrumados por el entusiasmo, las ideas y el apoyo que hemos recibido aquí en Mexico!


World Vasectomy Day Kenya 2016


WHAT: On November 18, 2016, we hosted World Vasectomy Day in Nairobi, Kenya. Building up to this event, we created materials for training trainers and mobilizers, working with 6 counties to mobilize men for WVD.

For the medical community, we hosted symposia, and using the bright young Kenyan media talent, stormed social media with facts about vasectomy that ultimately caused the topic to trend for 13 hours around East Africa, with 1.3 million impressions.

Traditional media, inspired by this traction, promoted the event through interviews with the executive director of World Vasectomy Day, Jonathan Stack, and a particularly motivating four hours of discussion on the radio celebrity, Myna Kageni, who was very much in favor of celebrating responsible men.

The outcome was that twice as many men came to the theater for vasectomies the next day than were expected. Rising to the occasion, six doctors worked tirelessly to make sure each man received his vasectomy, doing 72 vasectomies in six hours.

The event took place at the Kenya National Theater. Outside the theater, there was a free health fair for men, while inside, World Vasectomy Day was live-streamed as an internet event, including live vasectomies done in silhouette, Skyped interviews with providers and patients around the world, panel discussions, music & poetry, all brought together as an act of love. Tendo la Upendo!


World Vasectomy Day Indonesia 2015


World Vasectomy Day in Bali was held at a beautiful outdoor stage near a temple in Gianyar. With the help of BKKbN and PKBI, the program was a stunning combination of Balinese culture interspersed with interviews and speeches from people around the world during the 24-hour broadcast, while three mobile medical units performed dozens of vasectomies in the parking lot.

Thanks to the coordination of our partners, every man received great pre-and post-procedure care, including a meal, condoms and instruction, not to mention the entertainment of dancers, musicians, comedians and artists performing throughout the day.

Special thanks to Dania Moehas, the 20-year-old from PKBI who co-emceed the show with Jonathan Stack throughout the day with poise, humor, and great professionalism.