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What is World Vasectomy Day?

Mission Statement

We believe men worldwide are ready to make the choice to do right by themselves, their families and our future by becoming engaged in conversations about family planning.

World Vasectomy Day is a worldwide movement about starting these conversations, helping men and their families become more informed about their choices, and creating alliances with governments, organizations, and individuals willing to help train providers, educate families, and deliver services to men who are stepping up for their loved ones.

The family planning community has largely ignored men, but we remain committed to the notion that when presented with accurate and compelling information, many men will share responsibility for family planning. For those who’s families are complete, and who want to support their wives and children by voluntarily choosing to get a vasectomy, we believe that the family planning community needs to respond with up-to-date information and quality procedures.

What is World Vasectomy Day?

It is a social media communications project that unites men, vasectomy providers and health care activists in a mission to increase men’s participation in family planning.

It is the vasectomy-provider community linked by a list-serve, where doctors share practical information and successful solutions to common challenges.

It is a once-a-year ‘vasectomy-thon’ in which vasectomy providers throughout the world provide high quality vasectomies to men whose families are complete.

It is a live-stream program that is shared across multiple time zones with Skype contributions from men getting vasectomies, vasectomy providers, leaders in family planning, contributions from wives, partners and mothers as well as documentaries and animations produced over the year.

It is an opportunity to educate men and women about a variety of family planning options.

It is a two-week event that is produced from our rotating headquarters where we work with local providers and health care providers to build sustainable vasectomy programs.

It is a year round effort that builds awareness through communication and community, through collective effort by creating strategic alliances with Ministries of Health, Family Planning organizations and conscientious individuals.

It is an ongoing movement that harnesses the best in men to build fairer, more respectful and kinder gender relations.

It is the largest male-oriented family planning event in history and it has barely gotten started.


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"I support World Vasectomy Day because sharing responsibility for family planning is the right thing for men to do."


"I support World Vasectomy Day because for men whose families are complete, it is the most reliable option available."


"I support World Vasectomy Day because a vasectomy is far less invasive than tubal ligation and less risky than taking hormones."


"I support World Vasectomy Day, not to deny the joy of parenthood, but to increase the quality of life for children already here."


"I support World Vasectomy Day for the sake of future generations."


"I support World Vasectomy Day because eliminating the fear of unintended pregnancy can improve our sex life."


"I support World Vasectomy Day because too often men have not been included in family planning campaigns."


"I support World Vasectomy Day to inspire men to participate in the most important conversation of our lives."


"I support World Vasectomy Day to help train vasectomy providers worldwide."


"I support World Vasectomy Day out of love for our magnificent planet."


Dear Men,

We have written up Ten Reasons why a person would support World Vasectomy Day and each one represents an important piece of a puzzle we’ve been constructing to transform our event into a global movement.

I personally believe in each ‘reason’ or else I wouldn’t have included them, but I also want to make sure that everyone and anyone who decides to get his vasectomy, either during WVD or any point in the future, does so because it is the right choice for you.

For one, as much as making a difference in the world matters, getting a vasectomy is something you should choose only if it’s what you believe is in your best interests.

Yes, there are some men who might get swept up in the excitement of making history. I salute that passion, but we want to emphasize the importance of taking time to consider whether no longer having children is exactly what you want now and, for all intents and purposes, forever. Even if ultimately it’s your decision, talking it through with your partner is basic human decency. Talking it over with trusted friends and family is a smart choice also, as is asking other couples who have chosen a vasectomy. Of course, take the time to find the best doctor as well.
Secondly, although there is the option of getting a reversal, let me be very clear; a reversal is more expensive than a vasectomy, it’s a much more complex procedure and most importantly, it’s not guaranteed to succeed. In other words, don’t get a vasectomy as a temporary form of birth control. It’s not.
Thirdly, we know that we live in a world where 18 is considered old enough to kill or die for one's country and that as such, it’s valid to ask, why shouldn’t a man at that same age have the right to choose not to have children? The truth is there are men who might actually know at an early age that they don’t want to have children and are convinced that they’ll never change their minds. We can’t be the judge of that, but if you do get a vasectomy when you’re young and haven’t had any children, consider freezing sperm. You might feel differently in the future.
Fourth, while getting a vasectomy may be exactly what a person is certain he wants, it might not be what a physician feels comfortable doing. This decision is not necessarily a moral judgment by that physician, but just a reflection on what he or she believes is in the best interest of that patient. We don't question any choice a doctor makes about who should or shouldn’t be allowed to get a vasectomy. That’s something each vasectomist must decide on his or her own with his or her patient.
Fifth, and very important, although the vast majority of men who get their vasectomies are satisfied with the procedure and most of their female partners are grateful to no longer have to worry about taking responsibility for family planning, there is a small percentage of men who regret having their vasectomy. This may be due to changes in their lives, their family, their sexual experiences, or complications, including long-term pain.
Serious complications occur in about 1% of cases making it the least risky, not to mention, the most reliable, of family planning options, but if you suffer from pain, your pain is not a statistical anomaly, but a very real concern. We share this information because it’s critical each patient is fully informed about the procedure and the full range of consequences. Furthermore, we believe that continued research is needed and we fully support any and all efforts to do so.
Sixth, here’s another reality check. If you or your partner is non-monogamous, you still should wear a condom. A vasectomy does not protect you or your partner from sexually transmitted diseases.
Finally, the biggest concern men have world wide is that getting a vasectomy will have an inverse effect on one's capacity to give or get pleasure. We have found the opposite to be true - eliminating fear of pregnancy can actually improve your sex life!

Certainly, there are people, both men and women, who believe that a vasectomy ‘diminishes one's manhood”. We don’t see it that way. Being in charge of your fertility is powerful. Having a child you are not prepared to receive, or worse, not having the resources to provide for your children in a way that reflects your values, is not.
In summary, a vasectomy may not be right for every one, but for those who are certain they don’t want more children and are equally certain they’re going to remain sexually active with women who are still fertile, it’s the most secure option available. Regardless of whether you ultimately choose this option, we highly recommend that you take the time to consider it.

Remember, at the end of the day, vasectomy is about male choice so make the choice that’s right for you.

Jonathan Stack, Co-Founder
World Vasectomy Day

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