Thanks to Our Donors!

We are fortunate to have generous donors who support our efforts on behalf of World Vasectomy Day. Some are evergreen donors, some are large annual donors, and many are individuals who just believe in what we do.

In 2015, our donors supported a surge in the reach of WVD by sending us to the International Conference on Family Planning, which has led to many of the supportive relationships that we have today with various family planning agencies that believe in our message, our methodology, and our ability to deliver what we promise. You can see the many organizations that agree with and support us under Supporters.

Last year in Kenya, we further established our credibility with our innovative use of young bloggers to publicize our mobilization, which drove the topic of vasectomy to #3 on Twitter in East Africa, with over 3 million impressions on social media. That in turn led to a stampede of traditional media-TV, radio, newspapers and magazines covering World Vasectomy Day. Secondarily, use of younger adults to educate and start conversations had the added affect of creating this educated and informed group that will be forever smarter about contraception in their own lives. As influencers, we feel they are now primed to continue telling the story as experts. We hope to replicate these future leaders by conducting a similar blog-athon wherever we go.

We could not have achieved any of this without our donors. We’d like to show our thanks to all our past and current supporters! Thanks to all of you!