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George Mbogah: Where it all began

November 3, 2017 Alison Hoover

George Mbogah is patient zero for World Vasectomy Day.

He underwent his vasectomy five years ago under the care of Dr. Doug Stein and as filmed by Jonathan Stack, and became the inspiration for the entire global event. Seeing George full of love for his partner, his children and his community, Jonathan ran home, acquired the worldvasectomyday.org url, and hasn’t stopped since.

Here’s an update from George five years later:

I underwent No scalpel vasectomy six years ago, here in Kenya, East Africa. What have I learned since then? They say experience is a good teacher. My dear wife comes to the picture when vasectomy is mentioned. She underwent incessant bleeding because of the family planning methods we were using.

She is completely relieved, and her health is stable now. We never wanted to have a bloated family. I hail from a polygamous family of 21 children! My late father and mother found it absolutely difficult to raise us up in a good way.

I have a lean family, which is easier to take care of. We’re not worried of unexpected pregnancies! We’re grappling with bad economy here, simply because of bad governance.

I’m not employed, I do small business to provide basic needs for my family. To be honest, I am undergoing hard times financially but God is seeing us through.

I swallowed my ego to undergo vasectomy voluntarily. I don’t regret because the benefits are many.

I take this opportunity to thank you, Jonathan Stack and your team for traversing the world to herald Vasectomy, it takes time, energy, and finance to accomplish that! Kudos.

I wish you the best in this year’s WVD in Mexico. I’m following you through social Media. I will be following the program via internet on the WVD 2017 Mexico.