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Ten Reasons

January 11, 2019 Jonathan Stack

Dear Men and Women,

Soon after launching WVD, we realized we needed ‘language’ that would define our purpose. We came up with our ‘Ten Reasons I Support World Vasectomy Day”.  We don’t know that every person who has joined our cause believes in all of these principles, but they do help provide purpose to guide our path.

  1. “I support World Vasectomy Day because sharing responsibility for family planning is the right thing for men to do.”

For years sole responsibility for family planning has rested on the shoulders, and bodies, of women.  Yes, it is true that there are many more options for women currently available, but that only means that when your family is complete, seriously considering a vasectomy is only the fair and decent thing to do.

  1. “I support World Vasectomy Day because for men whose families are complete, it is the most reliable option available.”

When you are 100% certain that you don’t want children, than why not put the power in your own hands?  Worrying about pregnancy and unintended pregnancies are very stressful for everyone. A vasectomy doesn’t guarantee protection, but it’s about as close as you can get to it.

  1. “I support World Vasectomy Day because a vasectomy is far less invasive than tubal ligation and less risky than taking hormones.”

We know a lot of men worry about getting a vasectomy, but frankly, compared to the risks women take with other forms of family planning, not to mention the pain, and yes, even risk, associated with child birth, it’s not a very compelling argument.

  1. “I support World Vasectomy Day, not to deny the joy of parenthood, but to increase the quality of life for living beings already here.”

Of course, most people love their children and being a parent is, for many, the very definition of ‘life’s purpose’, but the key is to happiness is the quality of the life we can offer our children, not the quantity of children we can produce.

  1. “I support World Vasectomy Day so that men everywhere have access to high quality vasectomy services.”

It’s not enough that we encourage men to consider a vasectomy, we need to make sure that if a man chooses the option he can be assured he’ll get a procedure that is worthy of this trust.  To that end, WVD works to promote standards of excellence in countries the world over and training program wherever needed.

  1. “I support World Vasectomy Day because eliminating the fear of unintended pregnancy can actually improve our sex life.”

Most men have ‘tried’ withdrawal.  We also know how bad it feels afterwards (and in the weeks following) when you don’t pull out on time.  How much more pleasure do you think you’d have if you weren’t worrying?

  1. “I support World Vasectomy Day to help lower our collective carbon print.”

Being conscientious about our impact on the planet is a good thing.  And while WVD does not state that ‘demography determines destiny’, we certainly believe that every single major social challenge we face on this planet is harder to manage with a growing population. Indeed, we don’t actually need a billion more people to improve the quality of life, we need to do a better job of taking care of the 7.5 billion already here.

  1. “I support World Vasectomy Day to inspire men to participate in the most important conversation of our lives.”

The fact is, even if a vasectomy is not right for you ‘right now’, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a role to play.  Be part of the conversation. Learn more about the options available to your partner. Yes, it might be determined that your wife should be the primary, person responsible for birth control, but men need to be part of the conversation and supportive at the very least.

  1. “I support World Vasectomy Day to lower unplanned pregnancies’.

There’s little more beautiful nor more appealing in life than having a child, but children born, not out of love, but out of lust, not out of conscious choose, but out of laziness or ignorance, can suffer in ways that impact whole lives. Certainly, all children, regardless of how their story begins, should be loved and protected, but the reality, sadly, can be the opposite.

  1. “I support World Vasectomy Day out of love for our children, their future and the future of our magnificent planet.”

Being part of a movement that is based in love and kindness matters – not only to the quality of life you get to experience, but the world we leave behind for future generations.  It might not always feel like it, but you matter immensely.  There’s little you can do more powerful than choosing to make new life…or for that matter, choosing consciously and lovingly not to do so.