10.15.2015 / Bali

World Vasectomy Day in Bali was held at a beautiful outdoor stage near a temple in Gianyar. With the help of BKKbN and PKBI, the program was a stunning combination of Balinese culture interspersed with interviews and speeches from people around the world during the 24-hour broadcast, while three mobile medical units performed dozens of vasectomies in the parking lot.

Thanks to the coordination of our partners, every man received great pre-and post-procedure care, including a meal, condoms and instruction, not to mention the entertainment of dancers, musicians, comedians and artists performing throughout the day.

Special thanks to Dania Moehas, the 20-year-old from PKBI who co-emceed the show with Jonathan Stack throughout the day with poise, humor, and great professionalism.

For the next two weeks, the World Vasectomy Day team will be doing outreach to men and communities around Indonesia. Stay tuned for videos, pictures, and content as we lead up to the launch of the third annual World Vasectomy Day on November 13!

In Wonosobo, there lives a community of men who believe in the need to get involved in family planning. We went there to document a day in the life of Imam Muadin, who has already received his own vasectomy, as well as a meeting of the Priyo Utomo Group (‘A Few Good Men’), a support group for responsible men regarding family planning and vasectomy.

World Vasectomy Day Road Tour


Join us for World Vasectomy Day 2015 in Gianyar, set amidst the temples and rice paddies that make Bali so beautiful. This will be a full day event featuring live streaming from around the world, on site vasectomies, a welcome from the mayor of the region, an honorary vasectomy performed on the Executive Director of PKBI Bali, I Ketut Sukanata. Keynote address from Dr. Surya Chandra Surapathy, Coordinating Minister of Indonesia’s Ministry of Family Planning, BKKbN.

BKKbN putting decals on medical van

Before we depart on our journey, the partners from BKKbN put decals on the mobile medical van.

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