10.13.2018 / Kigali, Rwanda

Though we were unable to bring our WVD 2018 headquarters to Rwanda, we were still able to conduct a major training for 80 health workers featuring the classic WVD package of clever media, live vasectomies, testimonials and question-answer sessions.

During the event, we will be promoting a series of activities that

a. DEMAND GENERATION – Develop a broad range of media tools as part of an elaborate demand generation campaign.

b. COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKER TRAINING- Educate and provide tools to explain the importance of male engagement in
family planning.

c. DOCTOR TRAINING – An intensive three day doctor training program led by our Dr. Michel Labrecque from Laval University (Canada) as well as Dr. Douglas Stein (USA), Dr. John Curington (USA), Dr. Nick Demediuk (Australia), Dr. Mike Henchy (UK), Dr. Tony Feltbower (UK), Dr. Robert Kulik (Poland), Dr. Charles Ochieng (Kenya) and Dr. Anicet Nzabonimpa (Rwanda).

They will be training 15 Rwandan providers including 5 recent graduates, 5 experienced vasectomy providers who will become future trainers and 5 private sector doctors.

d. MARCH IN SUPPORT OF FAMILY PLANNING – We will bring together up to 100 local organizations to march together in support of family planning with our central theme – Men and Women together for a better future.

e. FAMILY HEALTH FAIR – Working with local NGOs and the MoH we’ll help organize an event to educate men and women about NCDs and a broad range of family planning options.

f. VASECTOMY SYMPOSIUM – A series of lectures at the University of Rwanda presented by our international guests and national experts. The event will be filmed and turned into an online course on Vasectomy.

g. WORLD VASECTOMY DAY GLOBAL CELEBRATION – On November 14th, we will be launch our annual WVD live-stream direct from the convention center in Kigali, Rwanda to coincide with the prestigious International Conference on Family Planning. As well as linking the event to an all day vasectomy-athon, we will be reaching out to doctors, men, women and family planning experts throughout the world.

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