WVD Videos

El Mariachi Listo

World Vasectomy Day brings you their take on the classic Mariachi song "El Mariachi Loco", as part of announcing Mexico as the host country for WVD 2017!

Animation about Vasectomy

Want a basic explanation about what a vasectomy is, why it's an important option for families, and how it beats other methods? Watch this!

WVD Video Playlist

Here is a quick intro to where World Vasectomy Day has been, and what this year will bring!


Meet some of the amazing people and activities that helped make World Vasectomy Day a huge success that surprised everyone in 2016!

Balinese Road Trip

The World Vasectomy Day team takes a road trip around Bali with Indonesian partner BKKbN to raise awareness in communities.

Wonosobo, Indonesia: High percentage of men get vasectomies

Wonosobo is a small town in a remote part of Central Java. There, we meet two Muslim clerics who consider a vasectomy an act of love for their women, their children and their community.

Vasectomy Conversations

These are random interviews with people in New York about their reaction to the idea of vasectomy.