What is World Vasectomy Day?

The MISSION of World Vasectomy Day is to orchestrate a worldwide movement to start these conversations, inform men and their families about their choices, and build alliances with governments, organizations, and individuals to help train providers, educate families, and deliver services to men who are stepping up for their loved ones.


It is a social media communications project that unites men and women, vasectomy providers and health care activists in a mission to increase male participation in family planning.


We are over a thousand passionate vasectomists bringing quality services to men throughout the world.


It is the vasectomy-provider community linked by a list-serve, where doctors share practical information and successful solutions to common challenges.


It is a once-a-year ‘vasectomy-thon’ in which vasectomy providers throughout the world provide high quality vasectomies to men whose families are complete.


It is a live event shared across multiple time zones with contributions from men getting vasectomies, vasectomy providers, leaders in family planning, contributions from wives, partners and mothers as well as documentaries and animations produced over the year.


It is an opportunity to educate men and women about a variety of family planning options.


It is a two-week event that is produced from our rotating headquarters where we work with local providers and health care providers to build sustainable vasectomy programs.


It is a year round effort to build awareness through communication and community by creating strategic alliances with Ministries of Health, Family Planning organizations and conscientious individuals.


It is an ongoing movement that harnesses the best in men to build fairer, more respectful and kinder gender relations.


It is the largest male-oriented family planning event in history and we are just getting started.


History of World Vasectomy Day


The concept of World Vasectomy Day originated while making the documentary , “The Vasectomist”.  In  conjunction with the film’s 2013 premiere at the  Festival of Ideas in Adelaide, Australia, we launched the first World Vasectomy Day. As well as inspiring over 100 doctors to perform 1,000 vasectomies in 24 hours, we held live streamed panel discussions, and interviews at the Royal Institute of Science. Since then, we’ve moved our headquarters each year, with the intention of building awareness and energizing governments, NGOs, and individuals to recognize the importance of including men in family planning.


Year One 2013: Adelaide, Australia:  186 doctors, 25 countries, 994 vasectomies in 24 hours.


Year Two 2014: Kissimmee, Florida: 491 providers, 32 countries, 4,923 vasectomies in 24 hours.


Year Three 2015: Bali, Indonesia: 639 providers, 41 countries, 6,350 vasectomies in 24 hours.


Year Four 2016: Nairobi, Kenya:   964 providers, 52 countries, 10,000+ vasectomies in 24 hours.


Year Five: 2017: Mexico City, Mexico: 1,120 providers, 58 countries, 15,000+ vasectomies in 24-hours.*  *(Some countries have extended their programs beyond 24 hours to accommodate demand, but are still dedicating them to WVD).


Year Six:  2018, Kigali, Rwanda  1200 providers, 54 countries, 20,000+ vasectomies over the course of a week.


Year Seven: 2019, Bogota, Colombia